Search Engines
Search engines hunt the entire Web based on word or phrases that you supply. Each search engine listed below has its' unique strengths so try another one if your first choice fails. Or use one of the following links to help you organize your search:
Appropriate" Resources Found on the Internet An article by Dr. Neal Topp of the University of Nebraska - Omaha. An excellent set of guidelines for teachers on when to use the Internet for research. How to Organize a Computer Search Using Search Engines A guide on selecting sources for research.
How To Use Search Engines On The Web A very good tutorial on how to use Internet search engines to quickly find resources based on you keywords or phrases. Search Engine Help Use this link to help you learn how to get the most out of your search engine selection.
Guide to Selecting a Search Engine Use this link to help you select the proper search engine. Back to Carroll High Home Page
A Guide to Mapping Web Page Links Use this to map (view) links to and from a selected web site. Great for validating a web site. Also a great student Internet activity.
General Search Engines This is a new search site. Fast and easy to use. Simple word or phrase searching.

TeOma Said to be the "Next Generation" search site.

Yahoo The pioneer Internet guide. Yahoo has been accepting submissions since the beginning. A popular search engine with categories to help simplify searching.

Alta Vista Offering compact or detailed searches through what the company claims is the largest Web index. Alta Vista can search through 8 billion words filling 16 million Web pages and indexes more than 13,000 newsgroups.

Excite Excite tracks down information by searching for concepts, not just keywords. Updated weekly, this database contains more than 1.5 million Web pages, 50,000 Web pages reviews written by journalists, the last two weeks of Usenet news, and classifieds.

Magellan Magellan provides reviews and ratings for a vast collection of Web, FTP, Gopher sites, and Usenet newsgroups. You can browse Magellan's topics or search specific keywords or phrases. Magellan's green=light feature indicates content that is deemed appropriate for general viewing.

Lycos Rated by PC World magazine as the best Internet search engine in both quality of information and relevancy of results, Lycos finds what you need in seconds, including text, graphics, sounds, and videos.

WebCrawler An excellent basic search engine favored by many educators.

Yahooligans THE Web guide for kids. The goal of this site is to search for appropriate resources for kids.


Search Sites for Younger Kids
KidsClick Created by librarians to help young users search the net. One top criteria for being listed on the sight is that a site must be entertaining or enlightening for students. Keyword search and subject area menus.

StudyWeb 118,000 research quality URLs. Found a useful sight, nominate it for inclusion. Keyword searches and subject area menus. Site information includes grade level information.

Alfy Cool Sites A web directory for young children ages 3 to 9. Totally graphical interface for the non reader. Sites contains many rollovers.

Yahooligans! This is a modified version of Yahoo with sites geared for upper elementary to middle school students. The full text of the Britannica, articles from over 70 magazines. You are able to do advanced searches.

AskJeeves A great site for searching.

KidsClick A resource based on a collection chosen by librarians. Grade range is elementary to middle school students. Multiple words are treated as an "AND" search. Site has an advanced search section.

Lightspan Learning Search This site has as both free and subscription services. Search results lead to web sites, encyclopedia articles and tools. Grade range is K - 12. Menu allows you to pick grade range when searching.

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators Highly rated site. Very comprehensive menu system. Check out the area on rubrics and links to other search sites. Great site for teachers and middle to upper level students.

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