A Guide to Mapping Web Page Links Use this to map (view) links to and from a selected web site. Great for validating a web site. Also a great student Internet activity.
How to Map Links Class/Student Activity
  1. Have the source site open in your browser window.
  2. In the URL/location bar, highlight the current web address and copy it.
  3. Delete the current address (you have it copied to memory now) and enter the following address: http://www.altavista.com and hit return.
  4. Once at AltaVista, click in the empty rectangular "search for" box and type "link:" (Don't forget the colon).
  5. After the colon, paste the source address.
  6. Click on the "search" button

The listed results are sites that link to the source document.

  1. Record URL's on cards.
  2. Create teams to search site.
  3. Each team will visit site and print out home page.
  4. Team will also write description of site, list authors, advertising partners, purpose of site, and date of last update.
  5. Paste printout of web page in center of larger paper or posterboard
  6. Map the links for the web page.
  7. Using the posterboard, put linked sites around web page drawing links to the linked sites.
  8. Have teams draw conclusions from what the links tell them about the site.