Carroll High School Drama

Welcome to a visual history of theatre at Carroll High School.  The following web pages are meant to inform and entertain, for drama (and music) have a rich history at CHS. 

What you will find are highlights of productions that can be traced back in the ACE (the Carroll High yearbook) to the 1920’s and up to the most recent musicals presented by the music and drama departments. 

Special thanks are given to Ms. Vicki Gach, current advisor to The ACE, to Sundermann Photographic Studio and Nicewanger Photography for the pictures we hope will generate a smile and a memory or two. 

We hope Alexander Woollcott’s comment doesn’t hold true for past CHS shows: “The scenery was beautiful but the actors got in front of it.”


Contact information

David Faris

Drama Director

Carroll High School

2809 N. Grant Rd.

Carroll, IA  51401


The past to present

(upper left) The 1880 CHS Building

(upper right) CHS 1917 (additions in 1941, 1963; Aud. 1936)

(lower left) Current CHS Building

(lower right) Old Carroll Opera House


The “Dramatic” history at chs